Affordable & Group Housing Acquisitions

The need has never been higher for affordable housing that meets the needs of people on low to moderate income including essential services, aged care workers, defence, medical, firefighters, police, and is priced so that they can afford other basic living costs such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education.

Group housing and disability housing is now one of the nation’s most critical housing need, in an attempt to keep young people out of aged care facilities and provide the atmosphere and surroundings to enable them to grown and develop in the right surroundings and with their similar age groups.

Not all real estate agents understand this niche and intricate industry.  It requires full knowledge and understanding of the criteria and needs of the buyer, plus the legislation and ever changing complex needs of the communities within each state.  Much of my knowledge has been gained from establishing relationships and working with the suppliers to the aged care industry for through the publishing arena for well over a decade.

Affordable rental housing is usually managed by not-for-profit community housing providers, and/or by private organisations.  Understanding the clients requirements requires a complete understanding of the industry criteria by the buyer’s agent.

One of the main components of understanding housing affordability is understanding people’s incomes. For those in Victoria and New South Wales, the incomes to be used in the housing affordability space have been defined by the respective State Governments. In this context, the incomes are broken into three bands, Very Low, Low and Moderate income. 

The assumption is that these income bands include ‘key workers’ which are often defined as including the following occupations:

  • School teachers
  • Midwifery and nursing professionals
  • Defence force members, fire fighters and police;
  • Health and welfare support workers;
  • Hospitality workers;
  • Child carers;
  • Cleaners and laundry workers; and
  • Automobile, bus and rail drivers.

These groups are generally considered important to support the future growth of the service sector economy and essential services in Sydney and Melbourne where real estate pricing and rentals has exceeded the affordability of the average income .

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