Aged Care & Senior Living Site Acquisitions

With an ever increasing ageing population ‘downsizing’ is the buzz word from the over 50s who are more likely to shed assets in order to put more into experiences and lifestyle. This poses an urgent need for accommodation to suit baby boomers and over 50s looking for a lifestyle in a community with like-minded neighbours and low maintenance housing.  All freeing them up for more  care, low care residential and home care services.

Finding a buyer for a facility or locating a facility to purchase has never been more intricate with all the challenges presented or understood now we have an enforced Retirement Village Code of Conduct and all the new regulations set by the Department of Health & Ageing as a result of the current Aged Care Royal Commission.

Building a portfolio can be assisted as operators are busy with the day to day running of facilities and don’t always have the team dedicated to site searches. The industry is competitive and complete confidentiality and trust is required. Working closely with these groups to extend their footprint, purchase new sites is a specialised field and requires expertise.

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions has experience in the approach and successful acquisition of off market adjoining sites to existing villages and facilities.  Such an approach to landowners is one not possessed by all agents and have been successful in this area of real estate.

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