Recent success for our client in Melbourne

Our client found us through the website and formed a collaboration with an agent in Melbourne.  They had a stressful time finding an agent who understood their plight and after processing all options decided to sell at auction.  They are now happy with the result and able to move forward.

Murray Golding I can’t say thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and my family, I really can’t. You were an absolute god send and we finally managed to find someone who cared enough and worked hard, was honest and a real ‘shoulder of strength’ throughout the entire process ,which can be extremely stressful. I honestly couldn’t recommend you enough, and like I said , “I only wish we’d known about you from the very beginning…..” . Thank you for helping my family, being understanding and constant support, and for helping getting our property SOLD! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions Murray it was my pleasure! To find a buyer for your parent’s property became my personal crusade! Rallying a team in Melbourne to orchestrate the sale resulted in Site Unseen PA expansion interstate and for that I am grateful! All the best to you and your family!