Private Home & Investment Buyers Agent

You probably realise by now, buying a home in Sydney can be a very stressful process.

Days and nights searching the internet, wrestling with Saturday traffic trying to reach the short window inspections, calling agents, trying to make sense of it all and that perfect new home feels further away than ever.

You might have just started your process, recently lost on a property, or have temporarily paused your search out of frustration or time constraints… but don’t worry, this is the reason we exist.

Over 20 years of personal buying, selling and investing experience, Site Unseen Property Acquisitions can do the difficult work for you by trying to find your new home or investment property! We will not only search and find properties, we’ll also assist with negotiation, ensuring you pay the best price.

Buying a home can be a simple and pleasurable experience if you have the the right person helping.

So, If you’re ready to stop looking and start living in that dream home, we’d love to hear from you. Simply call me on 0418429344 or email me at and we’ll be in touch to discuss your perfect home.

  1. Call me today to arrange a personal consultation so I can understand exactly what you are trying to achieve with your strategy.
  2. We will prepare a brief that will document your wants and needs in our ‘buyers brief proposal’ using a grid analysis program to locate and research to identify potential properties.
  3. Undertake investor research and contact the agents in the selected location.  SUPA will negotiate with the agent or vendor and if the property is being auctioned, we can represent you at auction.
  4. We insure that your identity is protected at all times – remaining strictly confidential, SUPA will work with your team or we can refer you to our property professional’s partners for finance strategist, solicitor, pest and building inspection, removalist, property management, town planners, engineers, designers etc.
  5. Evaluate and negotiate Have you already got your eye on a property or already have done your own searching? Are you still wondering if it’s a good deal? Have you done enough research? You don’t want to make a mistake, get caught out and maybe lose financially! ‘Evaluate and negotiate’ would be the ideal service for you, as it includes auction bidding on your behalf.  As experienced negotiators, SUPA know the pitfalls you can come across as inexperienced buyers. We provide an impartial view on the properties true worth and remove your emotion from the negotiation process. With access to live property data (including RP Data, DSR, Residex, APM, Investar and more) we give you a detailed evaluation of the properties that suits your strategy and budget. Now fully aware of this knowledge we are armed to negotiate the best deal for you.
  6. Bidding on Auctions Day Need to take the stress and emotion out of buying at auction? Emotions can overtake you on the day and you could over bid and pay more than you were intending to pay! If you do not have your bidding strategy down pat or are not experienced in the negotiating, you could end up regretting the result. It’s a pressure cooker environment that is nerve wrecking, it’s difficult to gain the upper hand when bidding and your emotions take over. SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS will only bid to an agreed limit. If the auction price goes too high, we will walk away, and seek your instruction! Calm, unempotional bidding by a propfessional gives you the advantage on the day.
  7. Selling your home? SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS is also a fully licenses real estate agent! We can provide you with our experience which includes an objective opinion on your home’s value, marketing, styling and advertising strategy, competitive selling fees and prepare a listing agreement. We assist you in the management of the sale including the negotiations with the sale agent.