Private Home & Investment Buyers Agent


SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS offers you a variety of specialised services tailored to your requirements, including:

1. Investigate, evaluate and negotiate SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS believes in the principals of not rushing into a deal just because it looks good on the surface, we undertake a complete investigation into the sale for home buyers, investors and commercial buyers. Each property has its own unique issue, therefore for SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS to find the right deal for you we undertake:

  • Personalised consultation to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your strategy.
  • Document your wants and needs in our ‘buyers brief proposal’ using a grid analysis program to locate and research to identify potential properties.
  • Undertake investor research to over 50 property advertising portals and contact the agents in the selected location SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS negotiation with the agent or vendor and if the property is being auctioned we represent you at auction.
  • We insure that your identity is protected at all times – remaining strictly confidential  SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS will work with your team or we can refer you to our property professional’s partners for finance strategist, solicitor, pest and building inspection, removalist, property management, town planners, engineers, designers etc.

2. Evaluate and negotiate Have you already got your eye on a property or already have done your own searching? Are you still wondering if it’s a good deal? Have you done enough research? You don’t want to make a mistake, get caught out and maybe lose financially! ‘Evaluate and negotiate’ would be the ideal service for you, as it includes auction bidding on your behalf. As experienced negotiators, SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS know the pitfalls you can come across as inexperienced buyers. We provide an impartial view on the properties true worth and remove your emotion from the negotiation process. With access to live property data (including RP Data, DSR, Residex, APM, Investar and more) we give you a detailed evaluation of the properties that suits your strategy and budget. Now fully aware of this knowledge we are armed to negotiate the best deal for you.

3. Bidding on Auctions Day Need to take the stress and emotion out of buying at auction? Emotions can overtake you on the day and you could over bid and pay more than you were intending to pay! If you do not have your bidding strategy down pat or are not experienced in the negotiating, you could end up regretting the result. It’s a pressure cooker environment that is nerve wrecking, it’s difficult to gain the upper hand when bidding and your emotions take over. SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS will only bid to an agreed limit. If the auction price goes too high, we will walk away, and seek your instruction! CALM, UNEMOTIONAL BIDDING BY A PROFESSIONAL GIVES YOU THE ADVANTAGE.

4. Need Help Finding a Good Sale Agent? At SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS we just don’t leave you to the selling agent “puff”! We can provide you with our experience which includes an objective opinion on your home’s value, advice on selecting the best-selling agent in your area, the marketing cost, styling and advertising strategy by the selling agent, advice on the selling fees and the listing agreement. We invite the top local agents and brief them on the sale on your behalf, then assist you in the management of the sale including advising you on the negotiations with the sale agent and the buyer.

5. Granny flats/dual living/positive cash flow properties The key to any cash flow positive properties is in buying right. The second most critical point is identifying how to manufacture a positive cash flow property strategies such as renovations, granny flats, dual living, auxiliary units and garage conversions to name a few. SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS can assist you in finding that property with the capacity to a positively geared investment, to enhance your portfolio and provide you with supplement income. Granny flats are an exceptionally trendy strategy that work very well in particular suburbs. With approvals that can be obtained as a ‘Complying Development Consent’ CDC by a private certifier with no council DA requirements in NSW, this may not be the case in other states of Australia. SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS project manages the construction process and we have created a streamlined process for our investors. What we have found to work best is to undertake a cosmetic renovation to the existing house at the same time as the granny flat is being construction in order to add manufacture capital value and lift the rental return. SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS is fully licensed to project manage the construction and to have any renovation done via JLC Building and

6. Looking for a Subdivisions opportunity Undertaking a subdivision can take a lot of time and resources, it is also a smart way to create profit in a relatively short time depending on how big the subdivision you are looking to do. A one into two lot subdivision on a suburban block could take six to eight months of planning work, plus the construction. The profits can be used to leverage the purchase of further property, or to recycle into another venture. Not all the property you come across are suitable subdivision sites, it requires countless hours of searching, investigation and doing feasibilities study on the deal, with lots of due diligence to be undertaken. There are many hidden traps when it comes to subdivisions. If you are considering a subdivision strategy it is important that you are comfortable with risk and are prepared to work with SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONSand our professional consultants to achieve the most profitable outcome. We keep you updated with the due diligence and the feasibility so you can achieve the highest return on investment (ROI).

7. Locating Developers-Site Not all the sites that you find are good development sites to deliver a reasonable profit and meet minimum rates of return. The key to finding a good development site is the result of extensive research and having the knowledge to identify the best and highest use of the targeted site. So that you do not fall into the trap of insufficient investigation SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS can assist developers in finding, investigating and negotiating the purchase of the sites. Most of the sites we have found in the past have been off market opportunities, sourced through our broad network.

8. Five year wealth business plan SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS can work with you to undertake a number of different land development strategies for the long term. Working together we develop your tailored five year wealth business plan. This plan identifies your way forward, including undertaking projects within your own risk comfort zone. Real estate investing is not a hobby it’s a business and at SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS we work with our clients to manage their business in Real Estate. Ask us about the benefits of our five year wealth business plan!

9. Feasibilities of investment project SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS will work with you to seek out investment opportunities. As part of the process, SITE UNSEEN PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS project managers will undertake feasibility studies to ensure that the project can be developed and meet the projected return on investment (ROI). The fees for undertaking our feasibility study are well worth it to ensure the numbers work, and you are not taking ‘pot luck’ when you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. We utilise our industry experience and established building construction firm to workshop the cost of construction and liaise with Real Estate sale firms to obtain the real sale price point for your project. Talk to us about our fees for undertaking feasibility studies for investing in the development of real estate.