About Site Unseen Property Aquisitions

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions specialises in buying ‘off market’ sites to match the criteria for aged care and retirement living development.

I‘m Carmella Rowsthorne, owner of  SUPA (Site Unseen Property Acquisitions) and licensed buyer’s agent bringing a unique perspective to the retirement living sector having worked promoting businesses through aged care publishing arena for over a decade.

As a licensed buyer’s agent, I offer a service that is very specific and can be challenging for those not prepared for the requirements necessary to match the criteria for aged care and retirement living development, or off market commercial development.

My qualifications have been gained from a long history of personal sales and property transactions and many years of knowledge of growth, networking and building relationships within the aged care industry. I believe as you diversify your portfolio you should also diversify your career to broaden your skills, so after 12 years of success in sales in print and digital advertising sales, I have successfully combined my sales experience with my passion for property.

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions searches and pre-determines both on and off market sites for their suitability for aged care, senior living and commercial development development potential.

Sites are offered through a close network are not always be listed on any website. This immediately doubles your chances of finding the right property, giving you time to conduct an internal feasibility.