About Site Unseen Property Aquisitions

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions specialises in searching for ‘off market’ sites to match the criteria for aged care, affordable housing, group housing and retirement living development.

Not all real estate agents understand this niche and intricate industry.  It requires full knowledge and understanding of the criteria and needs of the buyer, plus the legislation and ever changing complex needs of the communities within each state.  Much of my knowledge has been gained from establishing relationships and working with the suppliers to the aged care industry for through the publishing arena for well over a decade.

Following a desire to diversity my career, has lead me to my hobby and passion, real estate.   I offer a service that is very specific and can be challenging for those not prepared for the requirements necessary to match the criteria for aged care, affordable housing, group housing and retirement living development, or off market commercial development or going concerns.

My qualifications have been gained from a successful print and digital advertising sales success for the media, personal property sales and transactions.  Customer service experience comes from many years of networking and building relationships within the aged care industry.

Site Unseen Property Acquisitions works closely with clients to a brief, seeking sites in target areas through our wide network.  Our method of operation short cuts the task by presenting the site for its suitability for aged care, senior living or commercial development.

Sites offered through our close network are not listed on a website. This immediately doubles your chances of finding the right property, giving you time to conduct an internal feasibility.

We are also offered many sites that may not be suitable for our clients and we also operate as a selling agent so we also offer to market your property  through our extensive database and relevant real estate channels.